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TpLEARN to conduct MOCK Final exams for NPSE pupils


TpLEARN to conduct MOCK Final exams for NPSE pupils

Sierra Leone: The West Africa Open Education Platform which has recently re-branded as TouchPoint (Tp) LEARN would conduct a mock test for NPSE pupils.

The mock final exam 1 would be conducted on Saturday, 1st May 2O21 at 1Oam, this would be preceded by the mock final exam 2 the following Saturday 8th May, 2O2O. The exams would be conducted on TpLEARN open-source online platform and also on the TpLEARN mobile app which is available on both IOS and android stores.

TpLEARN CEO and Developer, Tamba S. Lamin, explained that TpLEARN is a free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) educational platform. Adding that “the app was launched last year 1st July to provide an online platform for pupils and teachers in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Gambia, Ghana, to prepare for NPSE, BECE and WASSCE Exams to increase pupils chances to pass with excellent grades.

He said that students using the platform can learn, compete and collaborate with their peers and facilitators. Further adding that through the platform students can test their knowledge using West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE), Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE), and National Primary School Examination (NPSE) practice exams consisting of past questions from 2000 to 2019.

The CEO said since the launch in July last year there has been a series of updates and add-ons on the platform. The platform provides over 500 practice exam questions and answers for the NPSE exam, over 600 practice exam questions and answers for BECE and over 300 practice questions and answers for the WASSCE exam.

Other benefits include assessing students’ progress as they reach their target scores. 24/7 availability, which allows students to study from anywhere and at any time with access to the Internet. He explained that the app is interactive with questions and answers and there is a certainty test added on each question to see how certain the pupil is about the answer to the question.

The CEO explained that you can check your grades on the platform and move from one subject to the other with ease. However, CEO Lamin explained that though the app could be used offline, it has limitations when it’s offline. For example real-time grading by teaching, or counting down timing for each exam.

That notwithstanding he disclosed that the full offline feature would be available on the premium subscription. The CEO explained that with the premium subscription parents can pay via Paypal and scratch card for now, as they are working on other payment APIs like Orange and Africell money to make it more easily accessible to parents in Sierra Leone.


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