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Parents and Guardians

TpLEARN is excellent for your child to get help with what they're learning in school or to prepare for NPSE, BECE and WASSCE.

"My daughter made the Top 10. We thank GOD, and for the final push from TpLEARN. GOD bless you all." - Parent, Kenema, Sierra Leone.

For NPSE and BECE parents, create a daily schedule for your child. If your child does not have a phone, tablet or computer, help them use your phone, tablet or computer during the scheduled period to access the platform and learn. Create one account and use it together with your child

Primary and Secondary School Pupils

For WASSCE parents, Create one account for yourself and we will help you setup this account to monitor your child’s progress. Note that you and your child will need two separate email accounts. As a parent, you can be given access to monitor the activities of all of your children using TpLEARN

Get involved and monitor your child's learning progress

Track completion status and completion progress from a personalized dashboard with grades and activity reports.

  • Helps your child catch up if they are behind
  • Use your child's personalized dashboard to monitor learning progress
  • Get the flexibility to focus on your child's interests and learn from anywhere in the world and anytime
  • Gives you the opportunity to see how your child learns. Know for yourself what works and what doesn't work for your child
  • Spend more time learning together.
  • Receive 24/7 support via WhatsApp, Email, SMS and phone
  • Login using the same account your child is using
Start learning with your child
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